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Welcome. Many individuals seek counseling services simply because they need more support in life. Life can throw some unexpected curve balls and as result, stress can become chronic and/or unmanageable. Sometimes obtaining support from an outside professional can offer more direction and clarity in life, and as result reduce the stress and burden.

Sometimes it’s time for change.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Sometimes it’s just time to be challenged in new ways that produce a different outcome.  If you’re seeking to change an area of life but haven’t yet taken the steps or been able to ultimately maintain success, counseling can provide a good support structure of accountability, insight and encouragement. Or, the alternative is to consistently face the ongoing anxieties/frustrations of not growing and doing things the way they’ve always been done, and having the same results.

Facing and walking through life changes.

At the intersection of change, individuals reach an impasse. Something must give and change, or something changes that is out of your control. Either way, life may seem disorganized and now you want help restoring parts of life and identity that feel lost. It’s time to create a new and meaningful life forward.

Let the support of counseling help you navigate life changes.


When you’re faced with losing something or someone you loved, counted on, needed or wanted, it can be difficult to face new change and walk through new chapters of life. Counseling is very beneficial for individuals facing grief and the difficult emotions that come with loss. Having that support to count on is a key benefit of counseling services.


Sometimes stress or life events are catastrophic. Previous ways of coping and facing life’s difficulty are no longer sufficient for reality at hand. Trauma is born out of horrific events, challenges and profound loss that leave can leave psychological, relational, physical, financial and/or spiritual devastation in the aftermath. Sometimes trauma leaves strong symptoms to navigate – panic attacks, nausea, increased anxiety, sleeplessness, extreme irritability. Receiving trauma education and therapeutic guidance to navigate this physiological terrain, is a core benefit of the counseling experience.


We are here for you. Highlands Ranch Counseling and Coaching is an inclusive practice and we offer services to all populations, ages, genders, religions, sexual orientations, disability and ethnicities.