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    Marriage Intensives

    Are you in need of a Marriage Intensive?  Is your marriage hurting?  Are you in crisis – considering divorce or unsure of where your relationship is heading?

    Does your marriage and partnership need extra time, care and support during this time?  Do you need counseling taken to a new level?  Highlands Ranch marriage counseling is here for you.

    A Marriage Intensive is an intensive mini-retreat, a reserved 4-hour block of time once or twice a month that allows couples the focused time, support and accountability structure to explore the issues that create division from repeated destructive patterns.   These intensives go far beyond what the traditional counseling session can offer.

    Life can be overwhelming.  Relationships can test everything you’re made of and it might seem impossible to cope or change destructive dynamics and patterns.  Sometimes a couple needs extra time and dedicated space to disconnect from all the outside pressures and focus on the issues that require in-depth counseling support.

    What can you expect during a Marriage Intensive?

    • Defining the couple’s goal for the Intensive.
    • Focused time to explore all the external pressures impacting connection.
    • Increase clarity for areas of uncertainty or confusion from one or both partner.
    • Uncover hidden barriers/blind spots that sabotage connection.
    • Identification of core issues.
    • Establishing new goals and new direction.
    • Create a plan that promotes HOPE.

    You are not alone.  We are here to support you during this time of relationship crisis.  Please contact our office to schedule a Marriage Intensive with one of our therapists.